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Helping grow businesses since 1999

Pedro Martin is the owner of Agencia Bahia, a brandname registered in Spain/Australia

Pedro Martin is the Agencia Bahia owner.

Originally from Spain I've been working in this sector for the past 20 years through my own Agency, Bahia. I'm seriously passionate about everything related to web development, and very active in the open source environment. My best assets are my creativity, my feeling with technology and my passion (maybe my Spanish blood has to do with this one).

I see many businesses struggle to obtain a professional website fast, attractive and organically positioned ASAP.

Many want to cut their costs and derivate the proyect to Asia or India based companies. Nothing more wrong. Usually these "companies" don't have a professional coder/programmer doing the job so it results in an unprofessionally and slow webpage, full of errors and ends up creating more costs for the client. That's inthe best cases. I met some clients that pay up front for a neverended story, and had been rip off for nothing.

Not to mention the difficulty in communicating and getting timely responses from these companies you might as well save your money, sanity and hair by working with us. The internet being people's first source for information and advertising, you need to have ALL of your bases covered to make your businesses stand out from the rest bringing you clients and opportunities.

I'd be happy to help you.

Located in Central Coast, I meet clients twice a week in Sydney and twice a year in Seville (Spain)